Using Science To Predict
Future Job Performance

MiGrowth Assessments allows businesses to assess candidates right at the start of their recruitment process against criteria that matters. Our online platform provides businesses with quantifiable data to make better hiring and selection decisions.

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Assessments Powered By Data & Science

All too often, hiring managers are making poor and biased recruitment decisions. Assessing candidates in non-quantifiable ways can have a negative impact on both the commercial success and culture of your company. MiGrowth Assessments uses science.

Generating data that helps predict future job performance

Data driven hiring allows businesses to make decisions based on data that matters. Studies have shown that when combined, Cognitive Ability and Integrity testing yield the highest predictive validity of any combination of assessment methods.

  • A clear and easy report that provides relevant hiring data
  • Bespoke competencies and benchmarks for specific businesses and roles
  • Make justifiable hiring decisions based on quantifiable data

Analyse and report on what excellent looks like

The CIPD state, "...the more data driven hiring managers are, the better". MiGrowth Assessments generate data to give businesses an insight into metrics that make people successful in their business.

  • Develop a blue print for successful hiring
  • Track the success of your hiring formula
  • Support your hiring managers with data

Why MiGrowth Assessments?

It's for businesses who want to embrace data driven hiring.

Cost Effective and Scalable

Unlike many assessment tools, MiGrowth Assessments does not charge you per candidate invitation, making it ideal for junior to mid-level hires.

Remove Bias

We generate data on a candidates responses, which allows businesses to make decisions purely based on the results. Justifying your hiring and selection decisions on quantifiable data helps your recruitment processes become more ethical.

Screen Out or Uncover Hidden Gems

Whether you are receiving lots of applicants or need to uncover hidden talent, MiGrowth Assessments helps you generate data that typical recruitment processes fail to uncover. This allows you to rule out unsuitable candidates or uncover candidates you would have otherwise rejected.

Enhance your Candidate Experience

Candidates believe they can do a job, but their CV doesn’t demonstrate previous experience. Assessing candidates using MiGrowth Assessments can tell you and the candidate whether the role and/or your business is right for them.

Improve your Hire Quality

Extensive research has shown that cognitive ability and integrity testing yield high predictive validity scores. Candidates who score well in both of these areas tend to perform better in roles.

Reduce Costs

According to the Recruitment Employment Confederation a poor hire can cost a business around £132,000 and according to LinkedIn's Global Recruiting Trends survey, 67 per cent of businesses aren't doing a good job of understanding quality of hire.

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